Dental Crowns in Beachwood, OH

Close up of dental patients smile with dental crowns near Cleveland Heights, OHBroken, worn, and discolored teeth create oral health issues and can feel painful when eating or drinking cold beverages. Modern dental crowns solve the problem of tooth trauma and improve the appearance of the smile with natural, durable results.

Dr. Yovi Taub uses modern techniques and materials to create crowns that last a long time and look like natural teeth.

Before beginning any dental procedure, Dr. Taub will use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth. We never begin any procedure until we make sure that you feel completely comfortable.

Dr. Taub will remove damaged or decayed tooth structure and reshape the tooth, making space for your dental crown to fit perfectly with adjacent and opposing teeth for a comfortable bite.

Rather than relying on gooey impressions, Dr. Taub uses 3M digital teeth scanning technology to measure the precise size and shape of your restoration. He will cover the tooth with a temporary crown to protect it until we receive your final crown from the dental lab.

Dental Crowns Repair Broken Teeth

Broken teeth occur due to daily wear, teeth grinding and clenching, biting into something unexpected, and sporting or auto accidents. Dental crowns cover the entirety of the remaining healthy tooth structure to provide support and stability to a troubled tooth.

Without a dental crown, the tooth can sustain decay, infection, or continue breaking down due to the force caused by chewing.

When possible, we recommend porcelain crowns to protect the appearance of the smile. In some cases, full gold or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns may provide increased durability for patients with strong bites or a bruxism (teeth grinding) habit.

Close up of dental crowns at Beachwood Smiles in 44122Rebuilding a Worn Bite

Chronic teeth grinding and poor occlusion (they way your bite comes together) can lead to worn down and shortened teeth, which may feel quite painful, cause jaw dysfunction, and make it difficult to eat.

As part of a full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan, rebuilding worn teeth will open the bite and result in ideal occlusion, improving the appearance and comfort of the smile.

Crowning posterior (back) teeth and placing veneers on front teeth rebuilds the entire function of the chewing system while providing patients with beautiful, long-lasting results.

Protecting Teeth After a Root Canal

Teeth become more brittle post-root canal treatment and require a dental crown to add stability and support to prevent the tooth from breaking.

Crowns in Cosmetic Dentistry

Covering teeth with porcelain crowns improves their appearance by making it possible to change both the shape and the color of the teeth. We can improve a single tooth with a dental crown or plan a full smile makeover for an entirely new look.

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