Teeth Whitening in Beachwood, OH

Discolored and stained teeth pose a problem when it comes to self-confidence and feeling good about the way you look. Deep stains and troublesome discoloration due to medication or other conditions have left many patients without a solution, which is why Dr. Yovi Taub introduced the most effective teeth whitening brand to our patients here in our Beachwood dental office.

At Beachwood Smiles, we use the KöR Whitening System to solve even the most difficult stains and brighten teeth for a more youthful appearance that adds confidence in every interaction.

KöR Deep Teeth WhiteningWoman testing teeth whitening shades with our cosmetic dentist in 44122

To jump start your whitening program, we offer in-office teeth whitening that can improve your teeth by several shades in a single dental appointment. It is most often used in conjunction with our take-home whitening system to support a lifetime of bright, beautiful teeth without many of the limitations and side effects common with other brands.

KöR whitening gel remains under refrigeration to protect the potency, which begins to break down at warmer temperatures. Desensitizers, combined with Dr. Yovi Taub’s many years of experience, comfortably create beautiful smiles to give patients results they rave about.

To treat particularly difficult stains, such as those from the antibiotic tetracycline, Dr. Taub offers KöR Ultra-T™, which provides a solution for stains once thought untreatable. This innovative whitening technology has changed lives and improved the appearance of many people who have lived with embarrassing stains for far too long.

Particularly dark teeth call for KöR Ultra™, which helps brighten aging and particularly dark teeth for stunning results.

KöR-Night™ Whitening

Custom KöR™ whitening trays and professional whitening gel make it easy to whiten teeth while you sleep over the course of 14 consecutive nights. Following the instructions exactly will help you avoid sensitivity and give you the very best results.

You may opt to use KöR-Night™ Whitening alone or in conjunction with in-office teeth bleaching.

Before and after results of KoR Teeth Whitening in Beachwood, OHNighttime procedure:

  • Brush and floss teeth prior to whitening
  • Apply desensitizer on the four corners of gums with swabs provided
  • Apply liquid desensitizer to teeth
  • Place whitening gel in trays using the enclosed guidelines
  • Press whitening trays against teeth

In the morning:

  • Remove trays and clean with cool water
  • Use a clean cotton swab to gently clean out trays
  • Brush teeth to remove whitening gel residue
  • Rinse and store trays in their proper container

Start Teeth Whitening in Beachwood, OH Today! 

Since the KöR™ Whitening system is a unique and effective way to achieve a brighter smile, we invite you to come in for a teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Taub to determine the right option for you. We believe that our personalized approach to teeth whitening provides better overall results with KöR than other professional brands, and certainly far superior to over-the-counter, store-bought options.

Give Beachwood Smiles a call at (216) 292-9920 to schedule teeth whitening treatment!