Preventive Dentistry in Beachwood, OH

While putting off dental appointments is tempting because of busy schedules, family obligations, and the many demands on the family budget, preventive dentistry is actually the most affordable and effective way to spend less time in the chair and less money overall.

As the name suggests, preventive dentistry gives Dr. Yovi Taub and our hygienists an opportunity to look after your oral maintenance and identify any developing conditions while they are more manageable.

Woman flossing her teeth before visiting our preventive dentist in Beachwood, OHMore Than a Check-Up

If you are accustomed to the “quick peek” exam popular at corporate dental clinics, your smile might suffer in the long run. Dr. Taub provides a thorough evaluation of the teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw and will address any cosmetic concerns to ensure that you receive the best dentistry at Beachwood Smiles.

Our oral exams also include a potentially life-saving oral cancer screening and an update to your medical history and medications. The link between oral health and systemic health may mean that we adjust your dental treatment to protect not only your smile but also your heart.

Digital Dental X-Rays

By introducing digital technology, we have eliminated many of the health risks people associate with x-rays. While dental x-rays have always been on the low end for radiation, digital x-rays reduce that amount even further – by more than 80 percent.

Each type of x-ray provides different information about your oral health.

Periapical – An x-ray from root tip to the top of the tooth that is useful for identifying infection, fractures, and bone levels.

Bitewing – An image of teeth above the gumline used in locating calculus between teeth and diagnosing tooth decay.

Panoramic – A full-smile image that captures all of the teeth, bone levels, jaw joints, and sinuses, which can then be used in planning extractions, implants, and dentures as well as for orthodontic evaluation.

Dental patient smiling at preventive dental exam in Beachwood, OHProfessional Dental Cleanings in Beachwood

Our experienced and gentle dental hygienists will customize your dental cleaning to maintain healthy gums. Patients with generally good oral health might only need twice-yearly appointments, while those recovering from periodontitis may require three to four dental cleanings a year to prevent infection.

Each dental cleaning will remove plaque from the surfaces of the teeth using precision instruments and ultrasonic handpieces. Polishing the teeth will reduce surface stains and remove any small particles remaining.

The result will be the smooth, fresh smile that can only be obtained with a professional dental cleaning.

As part of our preventive care, our hygienists work closely with Dr. Taub to determine if fluoride treatments or sealants could benefit our patients.

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