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Dental Patient of Beachwood Smiles | 44122 Dentist OfficeInitially I was drawn to Dr. Taub's practice because of his location and the fact that he actually taught dentistry at Case Dental School, but perhaps mostly because of his excellent reputation which instilled within me a sense of confidence. I have consistently found him to be a caring practitioner, mindful of my needs and concerns. Above all, he is willing to clearly explain what he plans to do in the course of my treatment.

Beachwood Smiles really cares!

Dr. Taub and his staff have always worked to ensure I get the maximum benefit from my insurance plan, minimizing my out-of-pocket expense.

After years of cleanings, fillings, and general remedial treatment, my upper teeth finally deteriorated to a point where major reconstruction , including implants, crowns and surgery, was unavoidable. Dr. Taub painstakingly outlined my options and offered a number of alternate recommendations. To my amazement, because of the complexity of my case, some of these options suggested me being referred by Dr. Taub to other sub-specialists.

Honesty and patient satisfaction are top priorities!

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The result of Eddie's Treatment

The honesty of his assessment and the fact that he placed my interests above those of his practice convinced me that the work was both unavoidably necessary, and that Dr. Taub was the one I trusted to do it. Since my insurance deemed the reconstruction to be cosmetic, the plan we ultimately agreed upon was tempered around my financial constraints.

The finished product!

The final result is the fruit of countless hours of skilled, specialized dental work on the part of Dr. Taub, with input from professional colleagues with whom Dr. Taub consulted periodically. Throughout the long process, Dr. Taub took care of me, personally, at every step.

Notwithstanding the end result - which I and my wife believe is fantastic - it is Dr. Taub's personal dedication to me as his patient that encourages me to share my experience. On more than one occasion Dr. Taub specifically came into his office after-hours to treat unforeseen complications when I had to leave town for a few days. He  has made that trip after midnight on a Saturday night, and again for a similar reason, I have been his only Sunday patient. He is always available, always unhurried, and always with a welcoming smile. 

Dr. Taub is committed!

Dr. Taub promised at the onset of the long journey leading into my final smile that I would be pleased with the result. He totally made good on his commitment, even to the point of redoing some work that he felt did not fully meet his standards.

This has been an incredible experience. One which I can now truly smile about. 

I highly recommend Dr. Taub.

- Eddie Geller

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