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What kind of teeth bleaching do you offer and will it hurt my teeth?

teeth whitening | KoR whitening | beachwood ohKöR Whitening contains no preservatives, an ingredient that is linked to sensitivity. The gel stays refrigerated, even during shipping, which also helps decrease the sensitivity. Additionally, treatment also includes before and after desensitizers for patient comfort. We proudly offer KöR in our Beachwood, OH due to its excellent results. You can see before and after pictures of our Beachwood Smiles patients in our smile gallery.

Types of KoR Teeth Whitening Systems

KöR-Night™ Whitening – This take-home teeth whitening system works best to brighten teeth with mild to moderate stains and discoloration. Intended use includes 14 consecutive nights of teeth whitening while you sleep.

KöR™ Deep Bleaching – Our in-office whitening system is designed to jumpstart your teeth whitening program. Typically, we combine this option with one our take-home KöR™ whitening options for a lifelong brilliant smile.

KoR™ Ultra – Our solution for very dark teeth, KöR™ Ultra provides solutions for patients who previously tried other whitening options with less than ideal results.

KoR™ Ultra-T – Our whitening option for tetracycline-stained teeth, previously untreatable with other professional or store-bought whitening systems.

The best time to begin a teeth whitening program is immediately following a dental cleaning when teeth are free of calculus and our hygienist has polished away surface stains.

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