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What do you offer to treat gum disease and gum recession?

preventative dentistry | gum recession | beachwood ohWhen left untreated, gum disease and severe recession may lead to the loosening and eventual loss of teeth.

Research links gum disease to many systemic issues, including heart disease, diabetes complications, stroke, and respiratory illnesses. Pregnant women with gum disease may also have low birthweight babies.

Gum recession causes root cavities that are more difficult to fill, in addition to sensitivity caused by exposed root structures.

Periodontal Treatment Plan

Periodontal treatment includes deep cleanings to eliminate infection and promote healing. Regular follow-up maintenance cleanings will help keep gum disease at bay.

Gum Recession Treatment in Beachwood, OH

Connective tissue surgical grafting requires the removal of donor tissue from the roof of the mouth to place over areas of recession. Held in place by sutures, gum grafting requires lengthy recovery time and can be uncomfortable.

Pinhole gum rejuvenation requires only a small hole to gently reposition the gums over areas of recession. Collagen fibers placed beneath the gum tissue add bulk and hold gums in place during the healing process. They will eventually dissolve on their own.

The pinhole surgical technique (PST) available in our Beachwood, OH dental office improves patient comfort and healing times. PST can be completed in about 90 minutes and results in minimal downtime.

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