Pinhole Gum Regeneration in Beachwood, OH

Describing someone as “long in the tooth” refers to aging, and this expression comes from the way that gums can pull back from the teeth and cause a too-long appearance.

Along with the esthetic problem of gum recession, exposed roots are sensitive and much more likely to develop difficult-to-treat decay. 

Gum recession | Beachwood Smiles | Beachwood OHWhat Causes Gum Recession?

Periodontal disease – Infection in the gum tissue causes gums to shrink away from the tooth. Deep pocketing leads to tissue necrosis and irritation, requiring professional treatment as well as improved home care.

Over-zealous teeth brushing – When patients brush their teeth too hard or use a toothbrush with firm bristles, gum recession occurs. Use only a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush gently with the tips of the bristles angled toward the gumline.

Malocclusion (poor bite) – Uneven pressure causes trauma to both teeth and gums. Malocclusion causes uneven force, straining the ligaments that attach the teeth to gum tissue. When left untreated, cracked teeth and painful recession can occur.

Bruxism – Teeth grinding, like malocclusion, traumatizes gum tissue, causing recession, wear, tooth fractures, and sensitivity. In cases of bruxism, the use of an oral appliance after treatment is often recommended.

Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) for Gum Recession

Until recently, the only option to repair gum recession involved removing healthy tissue from the roof of the mouth and attaching it beneath the gum tissue in the areas of recession. Pinhole gum regeneration eliminates the need to use donor tissue to treat recession. A small hole in the gums provides Dr. Yovi Taub access for detaching the gum tissue from the teeth and bone and repositioning it over recessive areas.

Placing small collagen fibers beneath the repositioned tissue adds substance and bulk to protect teeth roots with healthy tissue while holding the new tissue position in place.

Benefits of Pinhole Gum Surgery over Tissue Grafts

Reduced pain – Traditional gum grafting causes painful incisions and sutures both on the roof of the mouth and the tissue being repaired. Pinhole gum regeneration eliminates the need to remove tissue from the tender palate area.

Periodontal Disease | Beachwood Smiles | Beachwood OHFaster healing times – Often referred to as the “lunchtime gum lift,” pinhole regeneration heals quickly with little downtime. Traditional gum grafting may take six months or more to heal and can require multiple surgeries to achieve ideal results.

Minimally invasive – Avoid traditional cutting and stitching with pinhole gum regeneration, which works by stretching existing tissue over exposed roots.

No sutures – Since pinhole gum regeneration repositions gum tissue over recessive areas, no sutures are required. Collagen strips boost tissue growth and secure tissue in place until reattachment and healing occur.

Gum Recession Treatment in Beachwood, Ohio

For an alternative to traditional gum surgery, contact Beachwood Smiles to book a consultation with Dr. Taub to learn about pinhole gum regeneration and whether it will benefit you. Our comprehensive approach to patient care helps patients in our community regain their smiles and oral health.