Bridges & Dentures in Beachwood, OH

While dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, many patients prefer another alternative or are not good candidates for dental implants due to medical limitations or bone loss.

Both partial dentures and dental bridges in Beachwood, OH replace multiple missing teeth without the need for surgery.

Dental Bridges in Beachwood, OHOlder Couple with Dentures in Beachwood OH

A dental bridge fills the gap from a missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth in a row, by suspending an artificial tooth in the space. To achieve this goal, dental crowns will be placed on two healthy teeth to anchor artificial teeth in place.

Dr. Yovi Taub creates tooth-colored bridges that match surrounding teeth for a seamless appearance. 

When preparing dental bridges in Beachwood, OH, Dr. Taub prioritizes patient comfort, numbing the area before any work begins. He will then reshape the two anchor teeth to prepare them for dental crowns and digitally scan the teeth in lieu of old-fashioned gooey impression material.

Our dental lab will create a dental bridge out of a single piece of porcelain, and Dr. Taub will permanently attach it to the teeth, making any final adjustments needed for a comfortable fit.

Caring for Your Dental Bridges

Bridges require some additional care to avoid periodontal disease and decay around the margins of the crowns. Small interproximal (between the teeth) brushes and floss threaders will make caring for your dental bridge more convenient.

It is also necessary to avoid biting into anything excessively hard, which can damage the dental bridge. You should also eliminate sticky foods like taffy and peanut brittle, which could dislodge your bridge.

Removable Partial Dentures in 44122

Set of removable partial dentures in Beachwood, OHFor patients with multiple missing teeth, a partial denture completes the smile by anchoring a removable plate to existing natural teeth with small clips. Unlike dentures of the past, our partial dentures have custom tooth options to ensure that your partial looks seamless when you smile.

Cobalt chrome partial denture base – Metal denture bases are the most durable and give patients with a strong bite or a history of breaking their dentures a reliable option.

Pink acrylic denture base – Acrylic denture bases are lightweight and durable enough for most people. Our most popular choice, acrylic denture bases provide many years of reliable use with the proper care.

Flexible partial denture base – A comfortable and lightweight option, flexible dentures are typically best for short-term use, as they are not as supportive as metal or acrylic dentures.

Caring for Partial Dentures 

Use only lukewarm water and denture-specific cleanser to clean your partial denture. We also recommend that you bring your partial denture to each dental appointment at Beachwood Smiles so we can examine it for fit and rule out any damage.

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If you need to replace missing teeth near Beachwood, OH area, give our dentist office a call to book an evaluation with Dr. Taub. He will be happy to discuss all of your options and help you make a choice that works best for you.