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How does the dentist treat gum disease?

Gum disease is mostly preventable with regular dental exams and teeth cleanings near Shaker Heights. Good oral hygiene between dental visits plays an important role as well.

If you have gum disease, it means you have infections in the bone and tissues that hold your teeth. These infections require intervention from your dentist to prevent tooth loss and systemic health complications—gum disease has been linked to heart attack, stroke, and more.

Gum Disease Treatment at Beachwood Smiles

Smiling dental patient during gum disease treatment in Beachwood OHYour dentist in Beachwood, OH provides comprehensive treatment to control gum disease and lower your risks for tooth loss and health issues.

Our treatments may include special deep cleanings in our Beachwood dental office. These treatments are on a schedule that meets your specific level of gum disease. We may also recommend a fresh approach to brushing and flossing at home—this can mean adding an additional oral hygiene session.

Additional treatments at our 44122 dental office may include pinhole gum regeneration. This minimally invasive technology promotes healing and helps combat gum recession, which is common in periodontal disease.

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Gum disease can mean gum pocketing, bad breath, tooth loss, and even overall wellness issues. We are here to help combat these issues gently but effectively. Reach out to a team member today at (216) 292-9920 to schedule your next dental exam

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