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Why do I need a dental crown?

dental crown | cosmetic dentistry | beachwood ohAt Beachwood Smiles, Dr. Yovi Taub recommends dental crowns for a variety of reasons. If additional treatment options exist, he will present each of them to you along with their benefits and limitations so that you can make an informed choice.

Repairing a Broken Tooth

A dental crown repairs a broken tooth that has a compromised structure. Teeth, especially molars, are subjected to significant force when chewing. A filling will not provide the same level of stability as a dental crown.

Crowns completely encase the tooth structure and absorb the force caused by chewing or teeth grinding. A nightguard may also keep teeth from breaking.

Repairing a Tooth with Deep Decay

Deeply decayed teeth sometimes require more protection than a filling provides to preserve the comfort and function of the tooth.

Stabilizing a Root Canal Tooth

Teeth requiring root canal treatment become brittle once the blood supply and nerve are removed during the root canal process. A dental crown will restore the function and strength of the tooth.

Cosmetic Improvements to the Smile

Unattractive teeth benefit from dental crowns, which can improve the color, shape, and length of the teeth.

Rebuilding Worn Teeth

Worn down teeth caused by grinding may feel sensitive and look too short. When back teeth become worn, the bite becomes out of balance and can have a negative impact on chewing and jaw function.

To learn if a dental crown will improve your smile, contact our Beachwood dental office to schedule an exam with Dr. Taub.

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