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How long does BOTOX® last?

BOTOX® in Beachwood, OH, is sometimes used to lessen wrinkles and fine lines in the face and neck areas. Your dentist may also use it to treat bruxism or TMJ. Bruxism is the habit of nocturnal teeth grinding and clenching. TMJ indicates disorders of the temporomandibular joint—lower jaw joint that allows for movement as with chewing, yawning, or speaking.

Bruxism can cost you your smile, and TMJ can lessen life quality without treatment.

BOTOX can last for up to four months and sometimes longer. Additionally, it improves in the days following treatment—meaning you may notice even more wrinkle reduction of TMJ relief days or weeks after you’ve visited us for treatment.

Because we deliver BOTOX through a whisper-thin needle, you can count on an easy experience that does not cause pain. However, you may notice a few minor stings as your dentist injects the product. Light bruising or swelling is also common for a few days following treatment.

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