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COVID-19 Updates

We are happy to announce that Beachwood Smiles has begun seeing patients for regular dental care on a very limited basis to allow for proper social distancing, appropriate application of additional PPE requirements, and additional infection control procedures. We of course will be prioritizing more urgent care when needed.

Please complete all essential paperwork (including a Covid-19 screening form) and make financial arrangements prior to your appointment. If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or feel ill, please reschedule your appointment and call your physician. 

Please note that as a result of COVID-19, we have some new PPE requirements so we might look a little different, but you will still receive the same great service from our dedicated team. We’ve implemented some changes to limit person to person contact as much as possible per recommendations by the American Dental Association (ADA), CDC and OSHA.

Beachwood Smiles has been exercising “Universal Precautions” in our practice since its inception more than fifteen years ago. We take every safeguard to prevent transmission of diseases. These measures include sanitization of surfaces, sterilization of instruments, and the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) by our staff. Additional safety methods and measures will be taken for your protection. You will recognize some of the practices while others will be completed behind the scenes.

These procedures may change over time;

1) PRE-APPOINTMENT PHONE SCREENINGS: We will be contacting you the day before a scheduled appointment and updating any contact or insurance information as well as asking you about flu like symptoms and any exposure to COVID-19. Based on your answers, we may need to reschedule your visit. If you know ahead of time that you have been ill or exposed to someone who have been ill, please feel free to call us ahead of time.

2) COME ON TIME: Please do not come early to your appointment. Normally, we love early birds! However, we are not allowing patients to sit in the waiting room. (We need to sanitize the waiting room as well between patients). If you arrive early you are more than welcome to sit in your car.

3) CALL US FROM YOUR CAR WHEN YOU ARRIVE: Please call/text the office (216) 292-9920 upon arrival. Devon or Renee will call/text you when it is time to enter the office. 

4) CHECK-IN AND COPAYS: When you call us from your car we will ask you additional COVID-19 screening questions and take any estimated COPAY over the phone. Once we are ready for you, we will have you come to the entrance of our office, and we will take your temperature at the door.  Temperatures over 100F will be rescheduled. Patients and escorts will also need to sanitize hands upon entering the office. 

5) PARENTS/GUARDIANS/ESCORTS/FAMILY MEMBERS: We prefer ONLY the patient come to the office. However we understand that some patients may need assistance and minors will need their parents to sign consent. 

*If needed, a patient is allowed ONE additional person to assist them at check in. Please do not bring other family members that are not scheduled for treatment.*

*The patients escort will also be screened and temperature taken at check-in and logged into our visitor log book. If the escorts temperature is above 100F the patients appointment will be rescheduled as well.*

* We prefer the parent/escort wait in their car and we will call you when the patient has completed their treatment to assist them.*

*We prefer ONLY the patient and the clinical staff be in our treatment areas. If absolutely necessary, we will allow a parent in the treatment room for children under five or special needs patients. We ask that you remain in the treatment room for the duration of the treatment and avoid walking back and forth through our office.*

6) MASK WEARING: Please wear a mask to your appointment. We require all patients and any parents/escorts to wear a mask AT ALL TIMES in our office. Due to a worldwide shortage of PPE, we cannot distribute masks to each patient.

*Patients will be directed when to remove their mask for treatment. When treatment is over we will have you reapply your mask.*

*Patients under five are not expected to wear a mask.*

7) CHECK-OUT: Please head up to the front to speak with Devon while behind the glass partition in the waiting room. For patients/minors that need assistance we will call your escort to come back to the office. 

*If you need a credit card receipt or itemized bill, we prefer to email that to you.*

*If you have a question about billing or insurance, we ask that you call us by phone to discuss that with Devon over the phone

*If you have new treatment that was recommended, we will email you your treatment plan and call you the following day to review it with you.*

*If your treatment plan is extensive, we may call you to set up a teledentistry or phone consult. *

8) LIGHTER SCHEDULE/OFFICE HOURS: We will have a lighter schedule on a daily basis for now. Availability may be limited. All appointments may be subject to change. Please be mindful and understanding of our restrictions as the COVID-19 pandemic is changing every day. 

9) Because of the nature of the times and in an effort to increase protective measures for our patients and team members, we will be charging a $35 COVID-19 Protocols Fee per appointment. This is a non covered service and is not billable to your insurance. We don't like charging additional fees any more than you like paying for them (truly!), but we wanted to be upfront with all of you. If you come in as a family and all your appointments are together, you will only have an additional $5 fee for each extra appointment.

Due to the worldwide shortage of PPE, the companies selling these PPE are now charging up to 10 times what we were originally paying pre COVID-19. New guidelines also require that we cannot pop in and out of rooms without fully changing into new PPE to reduce cross contamination.

Also, prior to any dental procedure you will be asked to rinse with a medical peroxide pre-rinse. Any aerosolized appointment will require the usage of high vacuum suction. The 2 hygiene ops will be outfitted with the high vacuum's once they become available. Therefore, until those rooms are outfitted with the necessary equipment, Dr. Taub will be doing all the cleanings.

 Please view and share our latest COVID-19 Symptom Comparison Chart with your friends and family.

For further information, including measures to keep yourself healthy, visit the following links:

If you have any questions or to schedule an appointment, please call our office.

I know this looks really different from what you are used to. Rest assured, we will still be providing you with the same excellent dentistry. Thank you so much for your support and for choosing us as your dental team. 

If you have difficulty using our website, please email us or call us at (216) 292-9920
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