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Signs You Need Root Canal Treatment

May 14, 2021
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Some people have an unfounded fear of root canal therapy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rumors and misconceptions out there. However, root canal treatment does not cause pain. In fact, it eliminates the terrible ache and restores a deeply infected tooth to health.

Your dentist in Beachwood, OH provides gentle root canal treatment at Beachwood Smiles

How to Know if You Need a Root Canal

Of course, infections and oral health conditions can present with similar symptoms, so it is essential to contact your dentist if you notice changes to your oral health, including ongoing tooth sensitivity.

If you do notice the following symptoms, you may need treatment in our Beachwood dental office:

  • Tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Gum pain
  • Gum swelling
  • Blister or bump on the gum

If a root infection is only emerging—or if the nerve in the tooth is no longer conductive—you may not have any symptoms, which is why regular dental exams are so important!

Here’s What to Know about Root Infections

A root infection means deep infection and decay in your tooth. Typically, this causes pain and can even mean a dental emergency in Beachwood. The best course is to contact your dentist in Beachwood at the first sign of infection or tooth sensitivity.

If your dentist diagnoses a root infection, we numb the treatment site and gently extract the infected pulp. We then seal your tooth to promote quick healing and provide a temporary filling. At a later appointment, we provide a permanent filling or a dental crown.

Because infection can weaken your tooth, we rely on a crown to restore stability. It is always tooth-shaped and blends easily with your smile.

Remember, infections are always opportunistic. Without treatment, your tooth infection can spread to other teeth or create the need for a dental extraction.

Contact Our Dentist Office in Beachwood, OH!

Patients report feeling better following root canal therapy, and we want to help you as well. If you are experiencing bad tooth pain or just want to schedule your next appointment at Beachwood Smiles, give us a call today at (216) 292-9920!

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