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Want to Replace Missing Teeth in Beachwood, OH? We Have Options!

May 16, 2020
Posted By: Beachwood Smiles
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If you have missing teeth, you are probably used to living with limitations because of it. You have to pass on certain foods because it hurts too much to chew. When you’re around others, you feel so self-conscious about the gap in your smile that it makes it hard to interact confidently.

The list goes on, but let’s focus on the good news; you don’t have to live with tooth loss. Your Beachwood dentist offers restorative dentistry and tooth replacement options, including dental bridges & dentures, dental implants, and implant dentures. 

Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

It’s crucial to replace missing teeth as soon as possible after tooth loss. Every tooth plays a specific role in the function and health of your smile. 

When one or more teeth are lost, chewing pressure transfers to remaining teeth that weren’t meant to absorb that degree of force. Without a replacement, neighboring teeth can shift and cause a misalignment leading to broken teeth and bite problems, including TMJ. 

You Have Options for Tooth Replacement

The right tooth replacement for you is the one that takes into account your lifestyle, timeline, and budget. 

  • Dental bridges in Beachwood, OH replace one or more missing teeth from the same area in your mouth and rely on adjacent teeth for support. 
  • Removable dentures have been a smile saver for millions of people; partials are used when healthy teeth remain, and full dentures replace all upper or lower missing teeth or both.
  • Dental implants replace a single missing tooth with dental crowns in Beachwood, OH to restore function and appearance.
  • Dentures secured with dental implants provide the stability that’s not possible with removable dentures.

Consult With Our Dentist in Beachwood 

Dr. Yovi Taub would love to meet with you to discuss replacing your missing teeth with a customized solution. Please contact Beachwood Smiles today to schedule an appointment.

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