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What To Expect from a Dental Implant Procedure

August 23, 2021
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Dental implant replacing missing tooth in Beachwood OH

There are several options for replacing missing teeth at Beachwood Smiles. Dental implants are one of the most popular options for replacement, creating real-looking durable, and well-fit teeth. They are a great long-term option for many patients near Cleveland, OH.

Dental Implant Procedure 

Once your dentist has conducted a comprehensive dental exam, and the two of you have decided that implants are the right option for your needs, together, you will come up with a treatment plan for your dental implants.

The procedure involves implanting titanium posts where the roots of the teeth used to be. Once placed, the posts will fuse with your jaw, creating a firm hold for the implants, allowing you to smile and use your implanted teeth with confidence. Once healing is complete, we will place a dental crown on top of the dental implant. This procedure can be ideal for people with missing or damaged teeth and roots because it provides structure to build off of where there was none before.

Recovery from the Procedure

Compared to other methods of replacing teeth, dental implants take more work, sometimes involving multiple procedures depending on the nature of your situation. There will also be several months of post-operation healing. Our patients will tell you that dental implants are worth the wait!

However, once healed, the posts should be painless, and the fit of the implants should be comfortable and stable, allowing you to have confidence in your teeth. 

Always take precautions with dental implants by avoiding things like overly acidic or hard-to-chew food. Implants can be used much like regular teeth. 

As part of your treatment plan, your dentist will help you learn how to take care of your implants. Making sure that you schedule routine dental exams and teeth cleanings will help ensure that they say clean and bright and your jaw and gums stay healthy and strong.

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