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The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Services

September 28, 2021
Posted By: Beachwood Smiles
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Everyone deserves to have a smile they love. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for upgrading the appearance of your teeth; it also has several restorative benefits. Though cosmetic dentistry is usually elective and not essential, some treatments can improve chewing, speaking, and overall oral health. 

At Beachwood Smiles, we want you to have the smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you have a cracked tooth, missing arch, or stained teeth, Dr. Yovi Taub, DDS can develop a treatment that meets your needs and exceeds your aesthetic expectations. 

Cosmetic Dental Services

Dr. Taub offers several cosmetic dental treatments at our Beachwood, OH dentist office. 

1. KöR Teeth Whitening 

KöR teeth whitening is a deep bleaching system that can erase tough stains and lighten teeth by several shades. 

2. Porcelain and Composite Veneers

Porcelain and composite veneers are affixed to the front surfaces of the teeth and can repair or conceal broken, cracked, gapped, slightly misaligned, and stained teeth. 

3. Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are aesthetic and durable alternatives to traditional amalgam fillings. They can restore decayed teeth and reinforce the tooth’s strength.

4. Clear Orthodontics 

We offer two types of innovative and discreet braces called ClearCorrect and Six Month Smiles. These clear orthodontics can correct malocclusions and perfect a person’s bite. 

5. Dental Crowns 

Dental crowns cover and protect weak, broken, discolored, or decayed teeth while also preserving the natural tooth’s structure. 

6. Dental Implants 

Dental implants are a permanent tooth-replacement solution used to restore a person’s ability to chew, bite, speak, and smile comfortably. They also support facial muscles and promote jaw bone health.

Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry in Beachwood

At Beachwood Smiles, we personalize every treatment to meet your unique needs. We want your rejuvenated smile to look, feel, and function as naturally as possible. During each treatment, we make sure you’re comfortable so you can have a positive experience at our dental office.  

Whether you have veneers or crowns, we consider your individual characteristics—such as your eye color, skin tone, and the contours of your face and smile—to create a refreshed set of teeth that matches your appearance and personality. 

Are you looking for the best cosmetic dentist in Beachwood, OH? Let us help you!

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