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I'm scared, but I need to see a dentist. What can you do to make my visits less scary?

general dentistry | dental anxiety | beachwood ohIf you feel anxiety or fear when it comes to visiting the dentist, you are not alone. Our top-notch professional and compassionate team has a gift for putting patients at ease.

We offer a few relaxation amenities to make your visit at Beachwood Smiles more relaxing and enjoyable, including:

  • Neck pillows
  • Snuggly blankets
  • Netflix in our patient rooms

When you need a little more help feeling relaxed, we have a couple of sedation dentistry options to choose from.

Nitrous Oxide – Our mildest sedative, nitrous oxide, enters the system through a small nose mask. We control the level of sedation throughout your procedure to ensure that you remain comfortable and relaxed.

One of the most significant benefits of nitrous oxide is that the effects wear off quickly, making it possible for you to drive home and resume your regular work schedule without drowsiness or reduced reaction times.

Oral sedation dentistry – For patients with severe anxiety or a strong gag reflex, we offer oral sedation with a prescription medication called Halcion. Oral sedation will have longer-lasting effects and requires a ride to and from your appointment, and you should plan to rest for the remainder of the day.

A complete medical history will determine if oral sedation is safe for you.

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