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Why should I consider pinhole gum surgery?

If you have gum disease, there is, unfortunately, a good chance that your gums will start to recede and expose more of your teeth. 

When this happens, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable with your appearance and also the sensitivities and pain that come with greater tooth exposure. For optimal gum health and a more protected smile, you need to reverse your gum recession.

Minimally Invasive Treatment 

Gum recession treatments of the past involved invasive procedures that were followed up by months of painful healing. 

Pinhole gum surgeries, by contrast, are faster, safer, and simpler than the grafting methods that preceded them. During pinhole gum surgery, our Beachwood, OH dentist pokes a tiny hole in your gums to gain access to the tissue underneath. With this technique, we can reposition and redirect some of your gum tissue so that it focuses on your teeth in need. 

Pinhole gum surgery in Beachwood, OH is the cleaner, more modern way to stop gum recession in its tracks and restore your smile to its former glory.

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